Smile not with your face
Smile not with your teeth
Smile with your eyes
Smile with your heart

When you smile with your face
When you smile baring your teeth
When your heart is not in it
When your eyes don’t laugh
It’s not a smile.

Smile from your heart
Smile with your eyes
Smile with all you have
Smile when it’s real.

Hyacinth Amutalla Murphy 05 Dec, 2011 7:52am . Copyright



I gave you,
The key to my eyes
So you can look into them
And find me
The key to my embrace
So you can feel my warmth
And bathe in it
The key to my lips
So you could feel my tongue
And want some more
The key to my laughter
The key to my smile
The key to my passion
My warm heart gave you the key
But all you did was
Hold the key in your hand
And looked at it
You didn’t unlock me
With the key I gave you

Hyacinth Amutalla 04/02/2014 Copyright.


Rose Versus Fire

A friend once told me
Long long time ago
He said, ” you can never look at a rose and frown”
He was right
A rose is a beautiful flower
Why would I frown
But that’s true to all flowers we love
For me the Sunflower
The sunshine that lightens my heart
A rose, or a flame

Sitting here by the fire
I asked a question
“Is fire beauty or a destruction? ”
Flames leaping up in colours
Crackling sweet sounds
Candles my true love,
Sweet gentle and scented
But not a fiery side.
Do fires warm or burn you
A flame or a rose

The rose,
Beautiful in all her colours
Her thorns hurt you
In all it’s sweet leaping colours
He burns you
A rose thorn will draw blood and have you say ouch
The rose will still look beautiful
A fire will singe your hand and make you say ouch
The fire will crackle on and leap up
Two beauties, rose and fire.
Me stuck in between

Hyacinth Amutalla 02 Feb 2014.

Rid Yourself Of Me

I am not good for you
I am a heartache
If you really chose to love me
Rid yourself of me

Forget our moments
But should you keep them
Remember I am gone
They are just memories.
Rid yourself of me

Don’t tire yourself thinking of me
Because I didn’t care much for you
I choose to walk a different path
Your tears will wash away my memory
Rid yourself of me

I have walked away without regret
Your love meant nothing to me
I never really loved you
I only liked the thrill of being with you
Rid yourself of me.

Hyacinth 07 Sept 2014 copyright

Ravishing Cities

Ravishing cities
Every city is ravishing

In London the Big Ben ticks in tune to our hearts

Paris’s Eiffel Tower promises lovers romance

Torre Bankia takes you to bank heights

Dublin remains the fair city.
Ravish me my love

In a secret hotel room near the louvre, let the Mona Lisa laugh

In Brussels let me lick your finger covered in chocolate at Het Museum

Serenade me close to The Vienna Opera house, make Beethoven wonder

Seduce me in Amsterdam’s red light district, make them know you are mine

Thrill me in Barcelona in the dark at the Magic Fountain Montjuic
Ravish me

Let me taste your lips after a glass in Bordeaux

Break my heart’s walls in Berlin

Dress me up in Milan

While some cities slowly sleep on
Hyacinth Amutalla. Copyright 24th June 2015.



If you should dream tonight My love
Dream about me
Dream of my eyes looking into yours
My heartbeat quickening at your touch
Dream of me.

If you should dream tonight my love
Dream with me
Dream our arms around each other
Our bodies close to each other
Dream of us

If you should dream tonight my love
Dream wild thoughts
Dream a lovers entanglement
Desire awaiting
Dream of you and I

If you should dream tonight my love
Dream body awakening dreams
Dream a weakness that only comes with my touch
Dream that soft whisper after the fulfillment
Dream with me

Hyacinth Amutalla 26th May 2014 (c)

The Sun And I

The Sun and I

I try to tell people this but they don’t believe me
I talk to nature and she hears me
She responds
Not the way I want her to, but she responds

I had a chat with the sun today
“Why are you out today and where are the grey clouds ”
” Where is the never ending rain?”
” We have had grey skies”
Sun smiled.

Then she said , ” grey needs a break, he is overworked and stressed”
” The rain is furious with me for not giving him a chance today”
So I ask about the blue ocean
” Why don’t I see you in the ocean yet I can see the moon”
“Child” she said and winked
” We play hide and seek”
Hyacinth Amutalla 09/02/2014 rights reserved.